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Why do I need a Facility Security Officer?

Facility Security Officers (FSO) are specifically needed within all department of defense contractor facilities. The FSO must be a US Citizen employee, who is cleared to work within the cleared facility. The FSO is appointed by his/her employer – the contractor –  as the FSO. The FSO will “supervise and direct security measures” within the facility. One cannot simply be appointed FSO and cut loose, the FSO is required to take applicable training courses in order to understand fully the complexity of the requirements levied by the CSA and outlined within the NISPOM/DCIDs.

For those who enjoy the trust of their government, and are working within a classified environment, they can expect the FSO to provide a facility-specific standard operating procedure (SOP). The SOP will include those portions of the NISPOM/DCIDs applicable, as well as any unique requirements levied by the CSA or the contracting government agency.